Meet Pastor Kevin McMullen

Our Mission


Aisle 7's mission is to​ love God and people passionately

Jesus said every rule of life is fulfilled in doing those two things.

The folks who received the vision for Aisle 7 knew that God wanted to do something special ​here in Verona. He called them to wrestle with what a 24/7 faith community would look like. After months of prayer, reading God's Word, and seeking God's vision they determined that Aisle 7 would:

​1) Focus on the commandments:  Love God with all our being; and love our neighbors as ourselves.

​2) Emphasize a trusting, simple faith in Jesus

​3) Worship in facilities that are multi-purpose and open to all people

We are excited to have Kevin McMullen as the Campus Pastor of Aisle 7 Fellowship. Kevin and his wife Rachael (and their son Virgil) moved from Woodbridge, Virginia to the Staunton area and have dedicated themselves to the planting of our new faith fellowship.

Kevin has a heart for youth and those who are searching for a relationship with Jesus Christ. God has gifted him with an out-going personality and personable preaching style. His greatest desire in life is to share the Gospel. He was formerly a building contractor in northern Virginia, a youth pastor, and an active adult leader with Young Life. His wife Rachael shares his vision for ministry.

Kevin is a Licensed Pastor in The United Methodist Church and is working toward becoming an ordained Elder in the Virginia Conference of The United Methodist Church.

We've all had the experience of walking into a grocery store and asking "Can you tell me where to find the baking soda (or honey or taco shells)?" And the answer was something like "Oh, that's on Aisle 2 (or 5 or 8)."

Isn't that what people are asking about life? "Can you tell me where to find meaning... real life... forgiveness....?" Most of us spend a lot of time in the junk food aisles. But the good food, the healthy food, is what we really need. "Aisle 7" represents the place where Jesus provides food from heaven. He is the bread of life. He gives us water that eternally satisfies. And when we invite people to our fellowship, we are inviting them to come to Jesus to receive the bread and water that alone can satisfy. Why the number 7?  Seven is the biblical number of completion. In Jesus, our lives are made complete.


What Does "Aisle 7" Mean?

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