We're following Jesus on a new journey together.

We’re excited about what God has in store for Aisle 7 and the new Verona Community Center on Rt. 11 next to Dollar General. The dream of a new faith community and community center for Verona began over a year ago as members of a group at Verona United Methodist Church began to ask the question, "how can the good news of Jesus be shared in a way that reaches everyone in our community?"

The answers they received after much prayer were:

1) It should be a fellowship built on the love that flows from Jesus

2) It should be a fellowship where everyone is welcome and at home

2) It should be a fellowship where worship is a 24/7 experience

4) It should be a fellowship that cares deeply about other people's needs

5) It should have facilities that are as "multi-purpose" as possible

Aisle 7 is a second "campus" of Verona United Methodist Church.

While Aisle 7 grows, Verona UMC will continue to lend financial and other support.


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With the help of our neighbors, we converted an old grocery store into a community center and place of worship. While that transformation has been amazing, Aisle 7 is first and foremost about "people transformation" - the changes that take place as we love God and others.

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Everyone Is Welcome

Worship With Us!

       Join us this Sunday at 10:45 a.m. at the new Verona Community Center as we seek God's leading in what worship and our faith community will look like in the coming years.

       We'd also love to have you join us at our Wednesday evening Bible study at 7 p.m. at Hardee's in Verona... and at our 7 p.m. prayer meeting on Mondays at the community center.

10:45 a.m. | Sunday

465 Lee Hwy., Verona VA

​(Between Goodwill and

Dollar General)